Calvary of the Smoky Mountains is part of the Calvary Chapel Association.

We are a church plant from Calvary Knoxville.


The most important emphasis of our lives is to glorify God. He has done awesome things, and we want to sit at His feet, express our thanks and praises unto Him, and honor Him by learning more of Him. At each of the services, there is emphasis on praise and worship and, especially, verse by verse study of God's Word.

Praise and Worship:
The focus of the Worship Ministry is God Himself. The ministry of worship and praise is intended to draw our hearts into an attitude of joyful praise and reflection as we offer up to God.

Biblical Instruction:
Learning more of Him is another expression of our faith. As we seek Him through His Word, we continually discover that He is more wonderful than we imagined. Learning more of Him leads us to put less confidence in ourselves and trust more in Him. Pastor Lance teaches verse-by-verse through God's Word. By exploring the Bible in this manner, our hope is to increase your own appetite to study the Word on your own, and discover the life changing truths that are contained within!

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